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Sexual Health Issues - Sex Tips And Sex Advice

Top 10 Sex Myths

Myths are statements that sound to be true when in reality they are pure bologne, or simply a lie. There are many sexual myths out there that tend to create confusion among many people and this confusion is a definite way to distress or embarrassment when you don't know what is right or wrong. Here, I will supply you with the TOP 10 sexual myths:

This is wrong! Actually, masturbation is a really good way to enable a personal relationship with what you like and dislike when it comes to sexual feelings and sensations. Masturbation doesn't cause hairy palms, insomnia or blindness; masturbation is a normal thing to do

2) CONDOMS PROTECT YOU FROM ALL STDs: While condoms are a great way to prevent some STDs and unwanted pregnancies,they don't protect you from all STDs. For example you can still get genital herpes, syphilis or warts.

3) PENIS SIZE MATTERS: Size DOESN'T matter! The average erected penis ranges from 5 to 6 inches. Many research has been done on this issue and those have been the findings. A large penis is not required to satisfy a female since most of the vaginal sensation is in the first 3-4 inches of their vagina; this is where most of the nerve endings connect.

4) YOU CAN'T GET PREGNANT YOUR FIRST TIME HAVING SEX: It doesn't matter if its your first or thousand time having sex. If you are having unprotected sex you WILL still get pregnant, so don't use this as a contraceptive method, because you will get pregnant, there is no difference.

5) NO HYMEN MEANS NO VIRGINITY: It is very sad that a female can be labeled as virgin or not because of the hymen. The hymen is a simple thin membrane at the entrance of the vagina that can break by running, falling or simply by doing nothing, so this is a huge myth, your virginity is not label accordingly by having a hymen or not.

6) HOMOSEXUALS CARRY AIDS: Of course not! For AIDS, there is no color, ethnic background or sexual preference. If you don't protect yourself, you can get HIV-AIDs, and it doesn't matter if you are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transexual, you will still get it!

7) ALL TEENAGERS ARE HAVING SEX: Many teenagers are having sex nowadays, but a huge percentage of them are not. 30 years ago, many teenagers were having sex, but many were not, I think the media is making this myth sound like a reality.

8) A FEMALE CAN'T GET PREGNANT WHILE BREASTFEEDING: Although a female that is breastfeeding doesn't have her period, she can still get pregnant, so again, don't use this method as a contraceptive.

9) ORAL SEX IS NOT REALLY SEX: Heck yeah it is, it might not be as personal or intimate as intercourse, but oral sex is still sex.

10) SEX IS OVER AFTER MENOPAUSE: No its not! Although during menopause the body goes through many and difficult hormonal changes, there can still be sexual life after this stage, its a matter of taking the right medications and sometimes the right psychotherapy.
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