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Sexual Health Issues - Sex Tips And Sex Advice

5 Amazing Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex in a relationship is one of the most important things to maintain a relation stable, but many times your sex life becomes boring and monotonous, making your relationship bored and weak.
A lot of things you can do to spice up your sex life, one of the most important things is communication within the couple and see what indeed is causing this problem. Monotony is something that will get to anything, so to prevent this, you can do some changes, add some stuff and do some tweaking to your sexual life and make it better.
I will share with you 5 Amazing things you can do to break the monotony and give life and joy to that part of your relationship.
1) Plan ahead: If you plan ahead to a night of amazing love making with your couple, this will spice up your sexual life amazingly because a lot of psychological and physiological changes will go within you. Leave your couple a note, be naughty with her/him. Send them a provocative out of the ordinary email or a text message, give a shift change to your ordinary stuff.
2) Try new things: Try new sexual positions, try new games, try different things so you can break out of the ordinary. Who care if someone might think you are crazy, "others" don't have to know, you concentrate in your couple and make crazy things, this will give it a nice spice and make things unforgettable.
3) Change Settings: 80% of people see the bedroom as the sexual palace, but what about the kitchen, the bathroom, the hall, the car, the dinner table, the laundry room? Change settings, be crazy and wild.
4) Get Messy: Use Fruits, Whip Cream, And other eatable accessories in your sex life. Be creative and make your sex life more than simple intercourse, include the foreplay that comes with using these nutritious things in your sex life, remember, be creative, be crazy, just do it.
5) Be Creative: Be creative when it comes to your sex life. Role playing is an amazing tool to break monotony, you are the limit, so talk to your partner and be crazy, simply enjoy life and create a big explosion when it comes to your sexual life; believe me, this will have a positive impact in all of your life categories.
Remember that to have an amazing sex life, you must have good communication with your partner. Communication is the best tool to prevent and fix problems and if you cant truly communicate with your partner, nothing else will workout. Break the ice to start communicating, if you can't talk directly to her, write her a letter, a note, but break the ice to enable communication again.
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