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Sexual Health Issues - Sex Tips And Sex Advice

8 Healthy Benefits Of An Orgasm

Sex is a vital part of life, its just an amazing thing. Having a healthy sexual life with your other half contributes to overall happiness of a successful relationship, sex is the best, it simply kicks ass!
Sex, when practiced safe and with the right people just makes your life better in every way possible, right? I am sure many of you agree with me, but there is something more to sex, if its sensation wasn't enough!
Having sex and having a sexual orgasm benefits your health greatly, isn't that another great reason to have more sex? Let me share with you these 5 amazing benefits of an orgasm published in 2004 by Times Magazine:

8 Benefits Of A Sexual Orgasm:

1) It Lowers Your Risk Of Having A Heart Attack.

2) Burns About 200 Calories Per Episode On Average. If We Can Do 5 Of This A Day, Thats 1000 Calories, This Is What I Call A Real Way To Lose Weight!

3) Releases Endorphins That Help With Chronic Pain Problems.

4) Boosts The Immune System.

5) Releases Oxytocin And DHEA, Which Inhibits The Development Of Breast Cancer.

6) It Increases Your Longevity. Want To Make It To A 100 Years Old? Have More Sex!

7) Calms Anxiety And Stress.

8) It Helps You With Sleeping Better. After Reading this you won't only have an excuse, but eight to have sex, its simply healthy!

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