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Sexual Health Issues - Sex Tips And Sex Advice

Female Favorite Sexual Positions Findings

Hey guys, I found some really interesting information that I know you will find very useful, so lets get into this. When it comes to having a healthy sexual relationship with your partner, communication and variety are the keys of success.
What do I mean by variety? Variety by more things to do within one spectrum, which is sex. Many people are scared to try different positions, this can be due to insecurity or other things, but thats where communication comes in.
It is always good to know what your partner likes and dislikes, knowing this will just re-enforce your relationship even more and make it more enjoyable. While browsing the web, i found some interesting poll results at sex info 101, a website where sexual advice is given.


What is your favorite sexual position?

Male on Top - Both Laying (Missionary) 7985 (29%)

Female on Top - Both Laying 1966 (7%)

Female on Top - She Sitting Up, Facing 5749 (21%)

Female on Top - She Sitting Up, Facing Away 989 (4%)

Rear Entry - Both Laying (Spooning) 1394 (5%)

Rear Entry - Male Standing/Kneeling 5450 (20%)

Rear Entry - Both Seated (Female Facing Away) 565 (2%)

Seated (Both) - Facing 1205 (4%)

Sideways - Face to Face 785 (3%)

1171 (4%)

Total: 27259

Anyways, the results show the top favorite female sexual positions; I was surprised by a few, but I guess a lot has to do with monotony. Tomorrow I will present you guys with the male favorite positions, see how they both compare.
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