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Sexual Health Issues - Sex Tips And Sex Advice

Sex Tip Of The Day - Talking Or Not?

When it comes to sexual preferences, likes and dislikes, your mind is the limit. Some people enjoy being dirty, being loud and very talktative when it comes to having sex and its culminating phases; other people enjoy the quite scence, where only the breathing and heart pounding of each one can be heard and felt.
But when it comes to sex, monotony is a major enemy we want to fight off and the best way to do this is by using variety and experimentation. So tell me, are you the kind that is loud and crazy, or the sensual quiet one?
Whichever of these two you are, the reality of sex and your sexual life is that you have to try one or the other, so for your next sexual session try to do the opposite of what you usually do. If you are the quite one, be loud, be talktative, be more verbally expressive; if you are the loud one, try to bring that voice down and be more intimate, focus more on your body language, on your eyes, the smell, your breathing.
Variety is the key to fix many sexual problems in any relationship; by being different you break the "usual" habit, and believe me, by changing a thing or two, your sexual experience can change by a lot; there will be other feelings, sensations and thoughts that will make you and your couple feel different in every sense.
So the tip of the day is change your usual sexual language, be loud if you are usually quiet, or be quiet if you are usually loud, you will be surprised how much your sex life will improve and how a simple change in routine can mean a big change in your sexual relationship.
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