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Sexual Health Issues - Sex Tips And Sex Advice

Males Can Have Multiple Orgasms As Well - See How

The culmination of sex is hopefully an amazing orgasm, the explosion of nerve endings all over your body that make you feel out of this planet. For years, it has been heard through the news that women can have multiple orgasms, a term that refers to the ability to have a very intense orgasm with mini orgasms within the same orgasm or afterwards. In a word, something super intense that lasts more than the usual regular orgasm.
Women's reproductive organs are very different from the male's one, especially when it comes to the physiology of an orgasm. Females have the clitoris, which is probably the part of their body with more sensation and more nerve endings, males have their "clitoris", which is located just under the shaft of the penis tip, very sensibly area.
What about the G-Spot? The G-spot has gained major attention in the last years and males go crazy trying to find out where this spot is to pleasure their partner, but what about a male's G-Spot? Do we have one? If we do, is there a way to stimulate it to have the same effect that women do? Have a multi-orgasm? Actually we do, its not as perfect as it is in females, but our prostate gland serves as the male's g-spot area.

So how can males have a multi-orgasm? There are several ways, but I will concentrate on the main two. This method helps to increase sensitivity, helps to fight premature ejaculation problems and it intensifies the orgasmic sensation, making it last longer or have multiple.
A good way to master this technique is through masturbation and for those who think is bad for you, no its not, its healthy and super natural. Through Masturbation you can know what you like, dislike and your limits.

Lets pay attention now and get to this, females this is good stuff for you as well, you got to pleasure your partner, too.
If you are doing this manually, during intercourse or an oral session do the following:
While in the act, if you feel that an orgasm is approaching try to stop and add some pressure with your finger to the tip of the penis and wait for 20-30 seconds before continuing the act. You can also pull gently down on your testicles when you feel its coming, this will prevent you from having an orgasm, for now.
This will be hard, especially for those who have premature ejaculation, but believe me, by doing this you are re-training your nerve endings. Try doing this for a few minutes and this will give you a more powerful orgasm, if you are lucky, multiple of them. Also, this is a great exercise to get rid of premature ejaculation.

Another great exercise you can do to be multi-orgasmic is to stimulate your prostate gland. You can massage the area between your anus and testicles, adding pressure and massaging it while in the act will increase sensitivity and intensify your orgasm.
If you are more brave then you can insert your finger slowly where the sun doesn't shine until you feel a walnut size object, your prostate. Once you feel it, massage it slowly and increase pressure as you go, this is your g-spot, if you are in there already, take advantage of it!
Ahhh, one thing, you can ask your partner to do this while you concentrate on doing other things, so now go give it a try to one of the two and tell me what you think. Good Luck!
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8:10 PM

I don't think any of this helps to become multi-orgasmic at all. These tips might help to lead to more stamina, but in my experience, cumming sooner is the best way to get to a second orgasm.    

12:59 PM

Actually these exercise do help become multi-orgasmic because as you prolong your orgasm, it intesifies it. I did mention these exercises are excellent as well for people suffering from Premature Ejaculation, so thats where endurance comes in.


11:39 PM

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11:58 PM

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10:54 PM

Very informative review. I really appreciate how ways were laid. Very interesting.

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